NADAWAVE is a series of musical performances created by Common Space Studio and organized in collaboration with NADA (The New Art Dealers Alliance) that take place during their Miami art fair held in December each year. 2015 will be our fifth year.

Our music direction is a cross section of reactionary artists who innovate musical genres through experimentation and improvisation. The series focus is on those who create unexpected audible forms at the overlap and unlikely combination of sounds that take root in jazz, hip-hop, electronic, bass, funk, noise and experimental music – presented in the context and vibrance of a high energy dance party.

2011-2014 contributing artists: Venus X, Fatima Al Qadiri, Kingdom, NguzuNguzu, Total Freedom, J-Cush, Lauren Devine, Lafawndah, KWow, Nightfeelings aka Teengirl Fantasy, Drooids + Merkx & Gwynne, Neon Kobra, Eric Duncan, Malcolm Mooney, Matthew Higgs, Joakim, Diamond Terrifier w/ MBeharie; Trouble VJs, Omar Souleyman, Casey Jane Ellison, Steven Phillips-Horst, Rachel Lord, Ryder Ripps, Eric Allan Schwartau, Juliana Huxtable, DJ Noagi-san, Mr. G, Alterazioni Video.

The namesake is a reference to the “No Wave” movement of underground music, super 8 film, performance and video art  that had its beginnings during the late 1970s through the mid-1980s in downtown New York City.